Trello Project Management: Easy, Shared, Online To Do Lists - udemy Free coupon

 Free and simple to make use of collaborative web & app based online todo list, task management and project management application

Looking for an simple to make use of todo list manager that will actually help you to complete the things on your todo list?

Trello is a free online task manager that can be accessed using any web browser (or IOS and Android apps) and that supports simplified todo list management through a drag & drop interface.

Looking for an simple to make use of project manager that will let you work in teams?

Trello is a fully collaborative application tool that allows groups of people to work on shared projects moving tasks from idea through completion.

Looking for sophisticated task management that will let you manage giant teams of people working toward a common aim?

Trello lets you fully document each task in a project while also tracking estimated time against time actually spent.

So, how does Trello differ from any other To Do list or task manager?

Trello lets you organize multiple project in to separate Boards. People can be invited to work together on boards granting different administrative privileges to each person.

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